Simply Donnell (CD) Released December, 2009
"Simply Donnell" premiers a multi-genred mix of original compositions and arrangements featuring the works of pianist Dr. Donnell Josiah. From high energy contemporary classical compositions, to jazzy piano arrangements with rustic island reflections, “Simply Donnell” provides insight into the creative mind of this virtuoso. Also featured are guest artists such as gospel recording artist Duawne Starling (who has sung with some of Gospel's biggest names including Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, CeCe Winans and many others), singing duet arrangements with Denise Josiah; internationally known guitarist Michael Ripoll duetting a guitar and piano cover piece “The Mission” made popular by Steve Green; and smooth jazz saxophonist Phil French, from the Potter’s House with TD Jakes in Dallas, TX. The CD concludes with a powerful finale that premiers an original arrangement of patriotic songs in tribute to President Barack Obama featuring the Lloyd Malory Singers.

Track Listing  
1. New Birth
2. Reign
3. Island Breeze
4. Le-Caribe
5. Piano Love
6. Questions
7. Take Jesus
8. Wonderful Words
9. All We Ask
10. The Mission
11. Sleep On
12. Inaugural Dream


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Shades of Emotion (CD/Cassette) Released June, 1997
“Shades of Emotion”, the second published recording for the Josiah Brothers, featured 10 original compositions of Lenard and Donnell Josiah. This CD featured instrumental favorites such as Springtime, Serenade, and Piano Love. Also included was the well loved ballad 'All But Now' written in tribute to those who fell victim to the volcanic eruption on the small Caribbean island of Montserrat. This sophomore release featured Lenard Josiah on saxophone, versus the Palm Flute on which he became known.

Beyond the Sunset (Cassette) Released July, 1993
Beyond the Sunset was the first published recording for the Josiah Brothers. Printed in limited quantities, this cassette production featured Lenard Josiah on palm flute and Donnell Josiah on keyboards. The Palm Flute is a unique instrument formed by a hollow clasp of the hand. The melodious tones were created by blowing into hollow space while moving the extended fingers fingers to modulate the pitch of the instrument. This primitive art-form was typically found in rural areas as a bird whistle; however, Lenard developed a unique skill to increase the range of a 2-tone whistle into a full 2.5 octave instrument. The Josiah Brothers, in their early years, travelled and performed extensively performing before national audiences across the Eastern Caribbean. One of the most memorable performances for the Josiah Brothers was one performed before Dr. Ben Carson, where he was remembered for leaving his VIP lounge to take a closer glimpse on-stage at this unique sounding instrument. It was the first public meeting of two individuals described as having “gifted hands”.

Additional Productions (Broadcast & Video)

  • Musical composition of theme music for drama productions for the Discover the Power Pathfinder camporee held in Oshkosh WI.
  • Choral arrangement of theme music for the Breath of Life television broadcast.
  • Musical composition of theme music for Miracle Temple Encounter television broadcast.
  • Composition and production of corporate jingles, including AT&T of the Virgin Islands, and other business entities scattered across the Eastern Caribbean.
  • Production of theme music for “Season In the Sun” with Nick Mailey of the Star Wars cast.
  • Production of theme music for commemorative CD commissioned by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda
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